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16th March

Things are slowly moving again here. Site re-design already was in works for a while, but I couldn't get myself to finish it.

Begining of every year is pretty rough time honestly. Just before New Year I uploaded previous layout (which I still really like), but stopped updating it quickly. Yeah, interesting and complicated layout with many images was pretty looking but was hell to update without breaking a thing. Autosite is handy, but I didn't really wanted to get into sort of rigid sitemaking (still a great tool!). It doesn't feel nice, sort of satisfying like just using notepad does. Site felt very professional, like no fun allowed and I got tired. Even updates were just links to new stuff, this felt souless and empty.

New layout is reminiscent some of early 00s personal blogs, clean but still charming (and works on old browses). Easier to update. There's also new section under /fragments, mainly for some loose thoughts, writing and small music reviews. Blog got a fresh coat of paint too, finally found theme I like and tweaked it to look as I want.

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