about the site is part personal website, part semi-professional portfolio spanning all of my work which mainly includes illustration, graphic design and web design. It also covers part of my interests like music, vintage design and fashion (late 90s and midcentury, which are strongly tied together) and many other ones.

Site was started somewhere in August 2020 and since then it went through 6 revisions in its existence, which are still up both on my archive subdomain and Somnolescent Archives. Current version, v6, was inspired by lots of sites I found in Web Design Index book series and graphic design companies like Farrow Design or Blue Source.


Site was written in both BBEdit 7.1 and Notepad++ (on Windows). All graphics created in Photoshop 7 on Mac OS9 machine. Photos taken with Kyocera Finecam L3V.

Flavor of HTML used is 4.01 Transitional and all CSS passes as version 1, which means website will display properly in Internet Explorer 5 or in any newer browser. Made for 800x600 resolution. Site doesn't use HTTPS since it's a vintage looking site and it's wrong to not support old hardware.

person is run by Devon. I'm part of art collective called Somnolescent, who are my big friends. I like pretty looking things, hyperfixating about some old things and I draw a lot (as of now), but also I like making graphics and websites. I also reside at


You can contact me using my e-mail which is great if you want a proper, long conversation. For IMs, you can add me on Escargot MSN and my username is


Always and forever to Cammy, Caby and dcb for all of support and encouragement. DreamHost for a great and affordable hosting service.