It's my little corner of the net where I like to dump things I've made over the years. A lot of stuff will appear here, so take a look trough pages. More regular updates on blog and more on main about page.


20:12:20 Completely new layout for new year, update about this up too.

14:11:20 Tempomary html blog is up, some things will be moved into main WP blog in the future.

12:10:20 Gallery split into separate pages, added some new and older artwork.

05:09:20 New layout done.



Aphex Twin Community
Ancient Aphex Twin fansite/community which was famous for hosting comprehensive AFX FAQ. Still up with great 2002 design.
Old-school website featuring tracklistings for BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, from 1993 to 2009
Huge database of various electronic music mixes, usually including entire tracklists and links to each tune.
Saint Etienne Disco
Acient fan page about Saint Etienne, one of my all-time favourite bands. Still updated and has glourious 2002 layout.
Every Noise At Once
Maps for music genres, helpful with music discovery. Artist names redirect to Spotify pages.
Art Meets Science
Archive of Drum'N'Bass tapes, varying quaility. Great one for DnB fans.


Fonts in Use
Website showing various examples of design works using specific fonts. Searchable by period, type, designers or foundry. Good resource about fonts in general.
Luc Devroye's fonts guide
Heavily useful site about font creations and various font foundries.
The Chicago Design Archive
Archive collecting design works from Chicago based graphic designers and firms, from 1920s to today.

Old sites

Early 00s design/art/music links site, with some feautures on musicians and websites.
Director file - Chris Cunningham
Archived director-file.com site page for Chris Cunningham, most famous for videos for Aphex Twin, Bjork and Madonna.
The Work of Michel Gondry
Another archived site related to music video director, this time Michel Gondry. Lists all of his work up to 2002.
Identikal website
2006 flash website for design studio/font foundry Identikal, which ceased activities in 2008. Was run by indentical twins, hence the name.

Art resources

Comic tools
Abandoned for a long time, but still valueable resource. From discussion about tools and guides for comic drawing to interviews with comic artists and lots of links (though some are dead now)
Gurney Journey
Probably a lot of people know this one already, but still worth a mention.

Everything and nothing

Site of Geograph project, featuring photograps of every square kilometre in the UK and Ireland with aim of providing informations.
Roadside America photography archive
Archive of over 10,000 images, mostly from 60s and 70s capturing various roadside structures in US.
The Look
Blog related to Paul Gorman's book The Look, pretty good resource about 50-70s subculture fashion, especially about Vivienne Westwood's early work. Personal favourite from time when I still was deep into fashion as hobby.
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