Furcadia 14:01:22

Before going offline for a while, I had some fun time with playing record breaking in terms of existence and constant runtime game with which I was intrigued for a good while since I got to know about it. It was quite long ago I guess, even 7-8 years ago when I've read about it on one person's blog. Was thinking about trying it before, but interest waned and sometimes came back, but never really made account on it and tried ever for a while before.

liminal space

Visiting places with Caby

Now I finally got to try it. Lince mentioned it recently in Outpost and people slowly started to jump and try it and by now, we have most of group playing it and having good time discovering new places and talking about various things.

I love how crunchy and 90s things there are (gotta appreciate this 640x480 window, playing it on machine running XP with nice CRT possibly would be more comfortable) and there's even MSN-like messenger, which keeps you friends and recently visited places and bookmarked ones. Even better thing is amount of customization of the game, because that package you get includes Dream Editor (room creation tool, which comes with great amount of items), .fox editor (you can create your own items!) or skin editor (which is pretty much self-explainable) and many more things I still don't know what they do, even own script language. Pretty impressive.

I'm still surprised it's running, since last time I was online there were around 480 people online and most of dreams I was in were ghost towns. It makes it way more comfy and we can freely talk in some fun rooms that no one uses now.

There's a group art canvas thing here, but you need own room (dream) to use it. Was looking into Dream Editor and I hope to try it soon and play around making own items for it. For now it's a bit confusing, but I hope to learn to use it properly and have lot of fun with making some really nice places.

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