v6 splash pages

In late February 2022 I decided to try out re-introducing splash page, which I'd sometimes change. It was fun at first, made both of graphics with lot of fun but later it stalled and in the end I removed this part entirely. I wanted to make it match current layout but this also didn't work, especially when I'd have differences between assets and I wouldn't be really satisfied with final result. Better to plan this ahead.

barcelona chair

28th of February I actually started with something totally different than finished product, since I started to work off some photos of random stuff which were perfectly fuzzy and had that early 00s digital look which I cut up and wanted to make a checkboard. Then I made a frame which stayed on final version, then these scribbles were added but felt it's too much so photos were removed. I replaced them with outline of a Barcelona chair, very pixely one which was made just by selecting darkest parts and filling them in white. Keeping this minimal was a good choice. Highly satisfied with this one.


This one was made somewhere in March and I don't even remember exactly when. I was cleaning up my video downloads folder, usually full of old vhs tape transfers. I occassionally screenshot things that appeal to me visually and one screenshot was a base for this graphic. I believe it comes from some 1997 tape, ITN News crimewatch type segment. Combined few of them, tossed a halftone effect over it which is good to mask blurry and scaled images and some thin boxes with text to make it less empty. Colors on it were fine until I tuned off f.lux and it was truly terrible, original image had highly uneven colors with strong blue and I had to adjust temperature and colors manually. Was disappointed but in the end I like it more than initial version.