neocities sites

Neocities was a part of formative experience for me, though I later left it and didn't really make websites for around two years. Despite all of this drama that happened it was fun and Caby made own site (and hosts commision info here which has really lovely design) and I decided to try it as polygon for all small ideas though it ended as just redirect to my main site. I still want to experiment with web design, though on devon.somnol.


First attempt was pretty simple and I re-used some idea I first used on cliche* layout (which I need to dump on archives as rest of my failed experiments) which was lifted from some old teenage girl blog from 2001 - tiny squares for navigation. I still like how it looks, it's neat looking thing.



v2 and v3 are pretty similar (both using found photos in public domain) though v3 ended just being an image map which is pretty handy and I could neatly link to everything. v2 was made easy with GIMP's slicing tool which outputs entire page, yes, with table already set and working finely.


I found some photos of CRT screen from while ago, when I was watching Merchants of the Cool documentary (which is a great showcase how lifestyle marketing hit millennials). I was thinking about early 00s trend of slapping condensed sans-serifs on photos in the center, sometimes in loud color and slapped similar type on photos I got. Photos kinda like in The Fashion Focus booklet, same vibe. Man, Starflyer had some solid album artwork for great music.

*Cliche was my first attempt, I think late 2020 or early 2021, at recreating old teen blog layouts which were on pretty good level of execution and were highly creative. Due to complication of the layout I stopped using it, like previous experiments like fragments or marzenia, which should be both uploaded on archive, under v3.