2000+2 or 1998+4. Anyway, wishing all of you Happy New Year. Wrote a little retrospective about this year. Was nice to let all of this out.


wishing all of you merry and peaceful Christmas. No Christmas-y banner this year, but there's something I was thinking about for a while.


Finally done and alive, archive is available for viewing. All of previous layouts are here, mixtapes and other stuff got moved here since it's just better to have a proper place for them instead of taking space at top-level site.


it was a while, doesn't it? Didn't really had ideas for headers, but today I got some fun and crunchy photos and this one was made with thought of making a header for this page... No color correction, greenish hue of fluorescent lightning due to daylight white balance I suppose.

Got a little rambly page about art supplies and my experiences (and mistakes you can avoid) in the works, currently working on layout for archive index pages, since it's just too bare bones for now, just want fun pages with illustrations (and idea I wanted to use for a while). About to get working on these pieces, hopefully it will be up today or maybe tomorrow!


another day, new header. Nasty gif artefacting not intended but I liked it. Using stills from Michael Winterbottom's 1999 feature film, Wonderland. Possibly biggest favourite so far.


new day, new landing page. Made it actually yesterday, since I'm on some kick and found things collages are fun thing to do. Got some mail, I kinda want to use lot of mail/postage imagery. Always liked post stamps, postal barcodes and all of adress stickers.

Got some new doodles, including a lad that wasn't really made public yet. Guess it's time to show her, also new gallery pages (need to figure new layout after sticking with one starting from v1!)


New landing page, basically now I want /index.html to be a summary page that will be regularly changed, kinda splash page a day thing again. I don't want a coherent layout for all pages, it's just tiring to maintain and I want to push my creativity with web design and graphics more, so I do believe every section, part of site will have different layouts. Fun stuff.

Old pages were moved to archive and currently all links will redirect to it, until they'll be updated and replaced. Better to keep page as constant work in progress thing than rush to make something complete that will stay untouched.

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