Top-level website of Somnolescent, my friends and our little art collective.
Connor's music website.
Lots of art, writing and great art blog, very insightful read about entire process.
cabbagesorter @ neocities
A diary, fun books and manga/anime reviews. I appreciate the dressup game page a lot
Loads of art and it really does hit you with nostalgic feeling. Great layout, by the way.
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Old Aphex Twin fansite with very sharp layout. Links to still somewhat active xltronic message board.
An online design portal, some of my favorite layouts ever. I strive to get on that level.
BBC I love...
BBC's website for their nostalgia TV series aired in 2000-2001, I love 70s,80s and 90s south coast diaries
A weblog ran by a guy who happened to relocate to Britian's south coast.
Bryan O'Lee Malley's personal website.
A Myslovitz fansite.
Website of Nonstop, a finnish design studio.
A wesite dedicated to Spaced, a Channel 4 sitcom directed by Edgar Wright, written and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson.

Link selection here is pretty small, but it will be most likely rotated quite often. Or maybe I'll make nicer page until then.